News: Now showing in theaters: CRY MACHO, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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It's funny that he takes Clyde to all those bars and nobody seems to object to seeing an orangutan in the place! ;D

They're used to seeing primitive forms of life in those joints...

I like this Charlie Rich song...his Behind Closed Doors album is really good  :)

They're clapping because she's finished singing...

Sorry, everyone, I'm a bit out of practice with this "Movie Night" thing! :o

No worries KC, it's going OK

Get off my lawn...I mean porch

High Plains Drifter ... it's served for breakfast at the Belding's hotel.

Ah so that's it. I'm saving watching High Plains again until the Blu-ray comes out later this's hard to wait - I wanna see those pies in HD.

Cholla? John Quade.

He reminds me very slightly of Gene Hackman (sorry Gene!)

It's Mrs Griswold  O0

Gregory Walcott is good as the cop in this and suitably annoying in The Eiger Sanction  :)

I love Ruth Gordon as Ma. ;D I can remember seeing her in a comedy film on TV many years ago called The Big Bus. :)

Did she play a similar character?

Both Superman and Clyde holding trucks up by sheer strength in the same year!

I can't think of it...Bridges perhaps?

Million Dollar Baby is one

Orville always turns his cap backward when he thinks there's going to be a fight  :)

This film still ranks as one of the most profitable for Clint. I read once it was second only to Superman the year of release.

I wonder how much influence Clint had in the directing. James Fargo directed it but I'm sure Clint helped!

The beginning of the feud  >:D

Don't do it Clint, she's no good for you!

I've always wondered why Mel Tillis puts that huge pause between "Halsey" and "Taylor." ???

I think I read that he had a stutter.

The fight scenes in this film are very well choreographed. :)

The Palomino, I would love to go there for a beer. :D

Yeah that would be cool...Clint was interviewed by Barbara Walters in 1980 at The Palomino

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