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Just curious what are your three least favorite acted in films for Clint?  And explain why if u want too. Obviously we're all fans of his movies. But there's going to be some we don't necessarily like as much as others.

Here's mine: 

1. Paint your wagon. Too long. Not a big fan of musicals. This movie is the only one I wouldnt care ever to see again.
2. Fire Fox. Just didn't click with me. Thought it was boring. I would watch again though.
3. City Heat. Didn't care for the 30s theme. Another one I thought was a little boring. Could have been much better. But would watch again at some point.

All of his other movies I liked at various degrees. There was some parts that I liked. But the above three just didn't do it for me. Not bad considering he's acted in 50 plus movies.

Just curious was Revenge of the creature Clints very first appearance onscreen? Was this his very first movie or tv show appearance ever?  On IMDb it shows revenge of the creature at the very bottom meaning that should be his first movie. But I wanted to make sure. There was another film that was released before revenge of the creature but that doesn't necessarily mean that it was filmed first.


Questions & Answers / Rawhide filming location question
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:08:09 PM »
I just started watching my Rawhide shows last night.  I watched all three episodes on disc one season one.  And I was wondering where was Rawhide filmed at?  Its hard to tell the area looks pretty vague too me.  And they might have even used paintings as scenary back drops.  I may be wrong so please someone let me know about this.

I saw on Amazon where you can purchase seasons or episodes. Not sure if that means you get the disc or if that means you buy the episode online?  But I would like to purchase the mr Ed episode with Clint and have it in DVD. Is that possible?  Just want that episode only without buying the entire season.

Off-Topic Discussion / 12 angry men (movie)
« on: January 12, 2016, 02:18:27 AM »
Any of you like this movie?  I watched it in high school government class and I remembered liking it. IMDb has it listed as there #7 rated movie. Solid 8.9 rating which is very good. Henry Fonda is very good in this movie. I think it's a classic. And I am thinking about buying it on DVD.

Off-Topic Discussion / Swiffer 360 dusters question.
« on: December 29, 2015, 09:52:25 PM »
Any of you use the swiffer 360 dusters?  Do they work well?  Are they safe to use and won't scratch up anything?  I am going to be found some major dusting in the next week or so and am trying to get people's thoughts and opinions on these sisters before I invest a lot of money on them.


I got the 40 film set. And the Rawhide complete series set. Honestly the Rawhide complete series set is really all I wanted this yr. I got it and I'm extremely happy. This new complete set is only $100. The old complete set of Rawhide cost way to much for me. I think it was like $400 or so. I told myself that I won't spend more than $100 for this set. Luckily my parents gave this set to me and it only cost them $100. Also got a lot of other great stuff that's not Eastwood related. So I had another Eastwood Christmas!😀  Hope all of you are have a Merry Christmas! 

General Discussion / Clint Eastwood 40 film collection
« on: December 25, 2015, 10:08:55 AM »
Any of you have this set?  My mom gave it to me for Christmas. It is a very nice looking set. It has two documentaries that I don't have. And it has a nice looking book. But I already almost have all of his movies he's acted. I'm only 10 short. So I'm going to have a lot of duplicates with this set. But this set does have some of his directed only movies that I don't own. And the box the movies come in is pretty awesome. It would make a great display in my home. But I don't care for the way the disc are kept in this set. It looks like there inside a booklet. Which the disc are exposed and hard to get them out without scratching them or getting fingerprints on them. And there all double sided disc. I'm not a big fan of double sided disc. I do have a few movies that are double sided. But I generally stay away from them. My mom told me just like everybody else that she won't be offended if we take them back and get the money for it.  I'm on the fence on this. I can use the money for sure. But I like the book and the two documentaries. And the box is really cool. Great display piece. So I'm going to take a week and make up my mind.

Questions & Answers / The Witches movie question
« on: December 10, 2015, 10:55:18 PM »
As some of you know I'm in pursuit of owning every one of Clint's movies he's starred in as an actor.  I'm also going to buy The return of the creature since that movie is Clint's very first movie ever to appear in.  But other than that one I'm only buying the one's he starred in.  And I'm also buying Rawhide complete series set as well.  I'm now down to just needing 12 more movies of Clint's he's starred in as an actor.  And the movie The Witches is one of them.  Is this movie any good?  On Amazon's website it says that its for sale on special type dvd or something like that.  Do any of you own this on dvd?  Did they have an official release of this dvd?


Is a good place to buy DVD and bluray movies from? 

General Discussion / Clint and Gary Cooper comparison
« on: November 26, 2015, 10:39:00 PM »
Im watching the movie High Noon right now.  And it reminded me that awhile back I remember reading where some people said that Clint and Gary are very comparable.  Personally I dont see it at all.  I dont think they look like each other and I dont think there styles are the same either.  There both tall but other than that I dont see the comparison in style or appearance.  I havent seen many Cooper movies other than High Noon and the Lou Gehrig movie.  Can some of you tell me more about this and why some people compare the two.  Again, I may be wrong on this so please tell me more about this.


A few months ago both Amazon and Walmart had the new rawhide complete series set with all 217 episodes on 59 disc online for about $100 which to me is a great price. It comes in a grey looking box with just Clint on the front of it. But for some reason both Amazon and walmart don't have this set anymore. I have tried a few other reputable websites that I occasionally buy from like deep discount and best buy. But they don't have it either. Anybody know why they aren't carrying this new set anymore?  I know I can buy it on ebay but I don't like to buy things off of eBay.


General Discussion / New evidence about the escapees from Alcatraz
« on: October 17, 2015, 02:42:15 AM »
I read that some new evidence has surfaced that might indicate the two brothers John and Clarence Aglin might have actually made it. There is a photo of the two brothers from 1975 in Brazil. The photo has been analyzed by specialist and they said it is likely them in the photo. And there are Christmas cards sent by them to there mother yrs after they escaped and the specialist said that it is there hand writing. Investigators are looking into all of this. If the two brothers are still alive they would be in there mid 80s. And they said a friend named Fred Brizzi helped them out. I've always believed they drowned and didn't make it. Too many obstacles to overcome. Like distance, currents, cold water, Sharks, etc. Now they never did find any bodies. But I feel like the only way they could have made it is if that Brizzi guy picked them up in a boat or something like that. They had to have some help if they made it. If they did have help like that then I feel like they may have made it. The show myth busters examined this several yes ago and they determined that it is plausible that they could have made it. I guess anything is possible. I found all of this very interesting and am looking forward to hearing updates on this new evidence.

Off-Topic Discussion / The John Wayne Appreciation Thread
« on: September 04, 2015, 01:36:48 AM »
Since I've been talking about John Wayne a lot lately I figured I would go ahead and post this two part question.  But I do want to clarify some of my comments I have made about him in other post.  I don't hate John Wayne. And I defenately do not think he's stupid either.  I actually respect what he's accomplished over his career. As he is defenately one of the all time greatest movie legends.  And I know that he has a really really strong fan base similar to Elvis Presley.  My only problem with him was his criticism of High Plains Drifter and the fact he and Clint never sat down to talk and come together to both star in a movie together. I only think what mr Wayne said about High Plains Drifter was stupid.

First question:  are any of you fans of John Wayne?  I know he has a fan site like this site. But are any of you big fans of his?

Second question:  what are some of John Wayne's best movies?  Like what are his two very best movies?  I would like to own like maybe one or two movies on DVD that he's acted in. And I want to own his very best. Currently I am not really a huge fan of his. But then again I've only seen The Alamo, and Hondo all the way through. And only bits a pieces of a few other of his movies. So really it's unfair of me to say I'm not a big fan of his when I've only seen a very small sample of his movies. He may actually grow on me like other movies do. And even if I'm still not a big fan of his I think I should at least own a couple of his movies. Because he was such a huge star in the movie industry. Plus I am a huge western movie fan and I think I should have a couple of his movies for that very reason.

With all this said no matter what I will always like Clint better.  Clint did more different movies like The Beguiled every which way movies and white hunter black heart to name a few. Clint ventured out and did different movies instead of the same old stuff. But I am looking forward to watching more Wayne films to see if I become a big fan of his. Again I think he's good and everything I'm just not a huge fan like I am of Eastwood.

Thanks everybody for listening 😀

Off-Topic Discussion / Tom Hanks: Any of you fans of his?
« on: September 01, 2015, 08:56:21 PM »
I feel like Tom Hanks is one of the best pure actors of all time.  He's up there with Denzel Washington, Deniro, and of course Eastwood.  I feel like he will do an exceptional job in Clint's upcoming movie "Sully".  I love most all of his movies including:  Big, A League of There Own, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, etc. 

I have read that yrs ago a young Clint Eastwood had sent John Wayne a western movie script that he thought would be a great movie for the two of them to be in.  Clint would be the young Cowboy and John Wayne would be the older cowboy.  But John Wayne wrote back and made some very critical comments about the script.  And he didnt care for some of Clint's westerns he had made.  And that was the end of that.  I think it would have been really cool for the two of them to have been in at least one movie together.  Two western legends in one movie.  That would have been awesome!  Like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were in one movie together and that was awesome! Personally Im not a very big fan of John Waynes.  But there are a ton of people who are.  And I respect his legendary status for sure.  I mean he was defenately a hollywood legend, icon, bigger than life, whatever you prefer to characterize him as.  And because there are so many people out there who like him I considered him a bigger than life polarizing legendary figure.  Matter fact he's one of three that I consider to be that big of a figure.  The other two are Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth IMO.  Whenever I go to certain places I usually see John Wayne, Elvis Presley, and Babe Ruth stuff for sale.  I certainly much much prefer Clint over John Wayne.  But to be fair I havent seen a ton of Wayne's movies either.  Ive seen The Alamo, Hondo, and only parts of The Cowboys and maybe bits and pieces of a few others.  Anyways I kind of feel like maybe John Wayne was a little jealous of this young up and coming western movie star and therefore did not want to be in a movie with him.  Now that is only speculation on my part.  Because John Wayne was a legend.  But I think maybe because he was aging and fading out a bit and therefore kind of resented a young star like Eastwood.  Anyways would like to hear some thoughts on this?  And please correct me if Im wrong about Clint sending him that script.  With all this said I still would have liked to see them in one movie together. 

Just curious out of those two which one do you like best?  I've never seen where Eagles dare.  And have only seen about 15 mins of heartbreak ridge. Both are war movies. But which one is the better out of the two? 

Just would like your thoughts on this movie?  I know Clint didn't like the final cut. But I have always enjoyed watching this movie.

Questions & Answers / Kelly's heroes question.
« on: July 16, 2015, 02:47:35 AM »
Just finished watching this movie. Always enjoy watching it. But I remember reading some time ago that Clint did not enjoy making this movie at all. I maybe wrong but I think I remember reading that.   If true then what was his reason for not liking it?  It seemed to me like it would be a fun movie. Especially working with rickles. Sutherland. Savalas. And O Conner.

I still havent seen all of Eastwoods movies he's acted in.  But as of right now its actually a tie between Play Misty For Me and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.  I feel like both movies are exceptional.  And all the actors in both were great.  And both movies are great action thrillers.  So for me as of right now its actualy a tie between these two movies.  So which one is your favorite non Dirty Harry and now western Eastwood movie?

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