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As some of you may know, I'm travelling to the US again, and what better place to release vacation photos of Eastwood related sites than the hapless users of the Eastwood forum  :D

This time I'm hitting the west coast (Most notably New York) and later on, as part of the timehonored Eastwood movie shooting shrine worshipping tradition to later move on to Washington DC (In the line of fire, Absolute Power and J.Edgar )
This time I GOT THE CAMERA, am on my own (mostly) and spoiling myself, so expect  shenanigans and nerdy pop cultural references aplenty, and FINALLY a chance to comment on Eastwoods' latest movie while it's actually still playing in US cinemas  8)
Leaving cold, rainy autumny  Denmark Thursday via presumably even colder Iceland and arriving in NY on... ... Thursday.
Depending on internet access, I'll be posting, uploading and writing about what transpires for anyone brave enough to follow.
Speaking of brave enough...
When and where does it fit you best for me dropping by and bothering you, KC?  ;D
and do you by any chance have any scandinavian inspired crawings?  ;)


Eastwood News / New Eastwood movie; Hereafter (???)
« on: February 28, 2010, 03:17:44 AM »
Found a little tidbit of information quite by accident on a danish movie website (to order my Invictus tickets, it just got released over here) about Eastwood's next project, a supernatural thriller entitled Hereafter.
This had gone completely under my radar so I checked up here and I couldn't see any threads about this new movie so I considered it another wild goose chase based on the usually not very reliant facts that danish movie web pages seem to spew out (People who can remember my posts about Morgan Freeman supposedly being the villain in the batman movies, and Christopher Walken starring in Sin City, knows what I'm talking about :P)  

Then I went and checked IMDB (just to be absolutely certain) and sure, nothing mentioned about Hereafter as a future project.
Then... Just to absolutely positively 100% sure, I checked Matt Damon's profile, seeing as he was mentioned to star in it...

Lo and behold...
plot synopsis:
 A supernatural thriller centered on three people -- a blue-collar American, a French journalist and a London school boy -- who are touched by death in different ways.

I have total faith that Eastwood can handle a supernatural thriller, or make it ambiguous enough for people to draw their own conclusions  (High Plains Drifter is a definite proof of that) but I'm still pretty shocked that Eastwood would have begun filming in December 09 with Invictus comming out at that time.
Is he ever going to take a break?!? (personal note; I hope not  ;) )

A few other links I found

Off-Topic Discussion / My Eastwood Pilgrimage ;)
« on: October 08, 2008, 09:00:04 AM »
...And thus it was planned, that on the seventh day of the third month, anno domini 2009 Dane with no name, devout follower of the mighty Clint (along with three fellow danes) would once again arrive in the United States of America with plans of exploring the wondrous new land.

Only this time he would be landing in a unknown area, one he had only learned of through legends about a dedicated law enforcer with a mighty weapon bearing the mark of 44. and stealthy rogues, intend on escaping from a dreaded prison island. 

His plan was simple. He would venture forth to behold many mighty sights that the new land had to offer. Sights that his own small cold northern country could not offer him. He would walk the earth and see the strange nature he had only dreamed of, or learned of through storytelling.

But one thing was also on his mind. This was a unique opportunity to visit the places where the mighty Clint had once been! To walk in the footsteps of a giant! He would devour the food and drink the beer and wine at those places, and at some of the most famous places he would drop to his knees in worship (though it was more likely he would just emit high-pitched girly-like squeels, a behavior not befitting a 36 year old male)

But he wanted to make every day count, to cram as much as he possibly could, into his plans.

He wanted this long voyage to be perfect.

...And thus he turned to his fellow followers of the mighty Clint, looking to them for guidance as to which sights would be the very best to behold. Which places to go and watch where a giant had once walked the earth...

...and he spoke ; Brothers and Sisters, I ask for your kind guidance. will you help me?

Yup. on sat.3/7 2009 I'll be starting a 16 days trip which takes me far around in the U.S. and I would really love to get some input from you guys who have probably been to some of these areas, (or have far better knowledge about it, than i do) to hear what you would suggest I should go visit.

Clint Eastwood related sights and places is of course a prime factor, but any information about a particular place, a fine restaurant, or a great activity I should try, would be much appreciated  O0

So if you got a inside scoop not covered in all the web pages I'm browsing atm. feel free to post them here  8)

My route look like this :

Day 1. Los Angeles

Day 2. Los Angeles- Santa Barbara- Central California Coast

Day3. Central California Coast - ( Carmel ) - Monterey- San Francisco
(Carmel Ranch for lunch/dinner)

Day 4. San Francisco *squeel* ( Alcatraz)
Day 5. San Francisco - Yosemite National Park

Day 6. Yosemite National park - Sequoia National Park - Visala

Day 7. Sequioal national park - Mojave desert - Death valley

Day 8. Death Valley - Las Vegas

Day 9.  Las Vegas

Day 10. Las Vegas - Zion - Bryce Canyon

Day 11. Bryce Canyon - Capitol Reef National Park - Moab

Day 12. Moab

Day 13. Moab - Monument Valley

Day 14. Monument Valley - Painted desert - Grand Canyon National Park

Day 15. Grand Canyon - Seligmen - Route 66 - Laughlin

Day 16. Laughlin - Palm Springs - Los Angeles

Trip over- On my way back home *sob sob*

Off-Topic Discussion / Exclusive Watchmen trailer
« on: July 18, 2008, 02:05:55 AM »
By now it's pretty safe to say that Dark Knight is going to be THE superhero movie of 2008, but is Watchmen going to be THE superhero movie of 2009 ?

Based on Alan Moore's stunning graphic novel, this upcomming superhero movie has fanboys guessing left and right, whether it can actually be pulled off, because Alan Moore wrote the story with the explicit purpose in mind that it should be impossible to make as a movie. He weaved an incredible ammount of sub plots and psycological hints into the story to a degree where I find it impossible for the movie to cover everything, so I assume at the moment that the movie is going to focus on the major plots in the story (which is still a incredible piece of work)
So far i think they have hit it off with a cool visual style, so i don't think it is going to end up like League of extraordinary gentlemen, but there is still a long way to go before i'll say that it'll be up there with V for Vendetta   
If you haven't read Watchmen i strongly suggest you do. Even if you're not a fan of comic books, because it really stretches the comic book forum to the utter limit, with its charm, darkness, and solid ending.
Read it and find out why it entered Forbe's top ten list of books you have to read at least once in your life.

Off-Topic Discussion / KITT is back...
« on: December 13, 2007, 08:10:15 AM »

While reading through the thread Who would have loved to see Clint Eastwood as Harmonica in OUTITW by WeAllGotItCommingKid something made me wonder...
What if OUTITW was originally intended to be the "origin story" about the man with no name? The one that finally told everything we wanted to know about his past?
Of course we can't get any proper answer anywhere now, and we could probably discuss this forever, but do you consider it a possibility that this might have been the idea to begin with? Harmonica is simply called Harmonica because he plays a... well... harmonica, but otherwise he is just as nameless.
That would have made OUTITW so close and personal a story about the man with no name as we would ever get and if we are assuming that the bit about the silent avenger was changed to an silent avenger playing a harmonica instead after Eastwood turned Leone down I see a lot of similarities.   

(Interviewer:) And is it true that Leone offered to have you bury the myth of the Man with No Name by having your character shot to death in the first ten minutes of Once upon a Time in the West?

(Eastwood:) Not that I know of.  He offered me the role of the silent avenger that was eventually taken by, hmmmmmm ... Charlie Bronson.

Off-Topic Discussion / 201 greatest movies of all time
« on: February 19, 2006, 01:27:28 PM »
Here we go again. Another list of the greatest movies ever made has been published ::), this time in Empire magazine (march edition) with the help of several thousand readers sending in a list of their 200 greatest movies ( a poll that took place from November to December last year.)
The list suffers from the usual problems such list usually do, by ranking newer movies (such as Serenity as no. 88) higher than older movies( The deer hunter as no. 139) with the exception of the great (expected) classics such as Godfather, Goodfellas, Alien e.t.c. which are firmly placed in the top.

Eastwood only has 3 movies on the list, (both below the top 100 :'() but the difference between the 3 movies made me puzzle. Of course all have becomes classics but i cant help but think about the impact these movies have made considering the quality of movies in general and the many years ago it was since they came out.
A * indicates that it´s the remake of the movie, not the original.

The list look like this :
201 Eraserhead
200 The Descent
199 The killer
198 Rebel without a cause
197 Enter the dragon
196 Sense and sensibility
915 Glengarry Glenn Ross
194 Mad max
193 To kill a mockingbird
192 Romeo + Juliet
191 The producers
190 Pretty woman
189 The night of the hunter
188 breakfast at tiffany´s
187 Boogie nights
186 The birds
185 Dirty Harry
184 Thelma and Louise
183 The Ladykillers
182 Do the right thing
181 La haine
180 Dead man shoes
179 There´s something about Mary
178 Mulholland drive
177 The sound of music
176 Crash
175 The elephant man
174 X-men 2
173 The sting
172 Full metal jacket
171 The italian job
170 Sideways
169 King Kong
168 The English patient
167 Badlands
166 South park, the movie
165 Dirty Dancing
164 Blazing saddles
163 On the waterfront
162 The wild bunch
161 The Philadelphia story
160 Scream
159 JFK
158 The royal tenenbaums
157 The Bourne identity*
156 The adventures of robin hood
155 National Lampoon´s animal house
154 The Truman show
153 Halloween
152 Spirited away
151 Kill bill 2
150 Blue Velvet
149 Trainspotting
148 Goldfinger
147 Good will hunting
146 The evil dead
145 Crouching tiger, hidden dragon
144 Harry potter and the goblet of fire
143 Platoon
142 Field of dreams
141 Swingers
140 Casino
139 The deer hunter
138 Indiana Jones and the last crusade
137 The good, the bad, the ugly
136 Á bout de souffle
135 Anchorman
134 Dawn of the dead
133 The breakfast club
132 Airplane
131 Oldboy
130 Predator
129 The last of the mohicans
128 Cinema Paradiso
127 Spider-man 2
126 Rushmore
125 Hero
124 Once upon a time in America
123 Grease
122 One flew over the cuckoo´s nest
121 Top gun
120 Fargo
119 Wallace and gromit : Curse of the were-rabbit
118 Groundhog day
117 The thin red line
116 Beauty and the beast
115 Monty python : the holy grail
114 Brazil
113 The graduate
112 Close encounters of the third kind
111 Unforgiven
110 Butch cassidy and the sundace kid
109 12 angry men
108 Singin´in the rain
107 The great escape
106 Speed
105 When harry met sally
104 King Kong *
103 manhattan
102 North by northwest
101 The blues brothers
100 The terminator
99 The thing
98 Superman
97 The lion king
96 Léon
95 Edward scissorhand
94 Jerry Maguire
93 The searchers
92 This is spinal tap
91 Shaun of the dead
90 Clerks
89 Double indemnity
88 Serenity
87 Garden state
86 Psycho
85 Monty python : life of Brian
84 Evil dead 2
83 Eternal sunshine on a spotless mind
82 Stand by me
81 It´s a wonderful life
80 Braveheart
79 Kill bill 1
78 Toy story 2
77 Cool hand Luke
76 A clockwork orange
75 The third man
74 Withnail & i
73 The wizard of oz
72 Rocky
71 Saving private Ryan
70 Seven samurai
69 Anni hall
68 Gone with the wind
67 Once upon a time in the west
66 Sin city
65 Scarface
64 The princess bride
63 Vertigo
62 City of god
61 Moulin rouge
60 Grosse pointe blank
59 Dr. Stangelove
58 Titanic
57 The exorcist
56 Ghostbusters
55 The shining
54 True romance
53 Rear window
52 Chinatown
51 American beauty
50 Almost famous
49 Memento
48 Return of the jedi
47 Pirates of the Caribbeans
46 Schindler´s list
45 Toy story
44 Magnolia
43 taxi driver
42 Amelié
41 Donnie darko
40 Revenge of the sith
39 The silence of the lambs
38 Lost in translation
37 Terminator 2
36 Batman begins
35 E.T.
34 Jurassic park
33 2001 : A space odyssey
32 Blade runner
31 Lawrence of Arabia
30 Some like it hot
29 Raging bull
28 Die hard
27 Reservoir dogs
26 Citizen Kane
25 The biog lebowski
24 Apocalypse now
23 L.A. confidential
22 Heat
21 Seven
20 Back to the future
19 Casablanca
18 LOTR : The tow towers
17 Aliens
16 Gladiator
15 Raiders of the lost ark
14 Alien
13 The godfather 2
12 The usual suspects
11 Jaws
10 The matrix
9 Goodfellas
8 Fight club
7 LOTR : The return of the king
6 Pulp fiction
5 The godfather
4 Star wars
3 LOTR : The fellowship of the ring
2 The empire strikes back



And that´s it. Personally i don't have any problem with Shawshank Redemption being no. 1. it´s a brilliant movie, and seeing as many of the movies in the top 20 have attracted a huge fanbase through being a series of movies (LOTR, Star wars, Indiana Jones, Godfather e.t.c.) that result was to be expected.
I may not like a movie like Some like it hot, but seeing as it´s an old classic, it´s understandable that it get placed very high. Should i pick ONE thing that REALLY bugs me it would be to see that a  movie like Braveheart is getting ranked HIGHER than all 3 eastwood movies  >:(.   

Dirty Harry, GBU, and Unforgiven are of course movies that any eastwood fan should have in his/her collection, and i´m happy that they´re all included. What amazes me most is that 3 so different movies can all be placed on a list compiled from so many different tastes, and viewpoints. No matter what, you can certainly say that Eastwood delivers.

That´s my two cents, what´s your take on this?

(BTW, In the same magazine there´s a small top 10 article that ranks him as the worlds no. 1. Actor turned Director surpassing names like Charlie Chaplin (no. 2) and Woody Allen (no. 3) Kevin Costner is ranked as no. 6, and Sean Penn as no. 7 )

Questions & Answers / straw or toothpick???
« on: September 10, 2005, 09:45:31 AM »
I need you guys to act as neutral informants on this bet i´ve made with a guy from work :

Is there any western movie where Clint has "replaced" his cigarillos for a straw or a toothpick, no matter how briefly?

I got 100 Kr. (18 dollars) riding on this one.  ;)

Off-Topic Discussion / Best non-eastwood shootouts
« on: July 17, 2005, 09:01:56 AM »
There´s nothing like dangerous men pulling big guns and having it off, so which are your favorites?
Remember that this is about guys being able to shoot BACK at each other, so no ALIENS, ZULU, e.t.c.

Here are my 5 favorite non eastwood shotouts :

Leon vs. EVERYONE!!!!
So slick, so intense, so filled with fear...

The wild bunch vs. errh... EVERYONE

John Wayne charging three armed gunslingers singlehanded in True grit. sorta like knights duelling, but with guns  ;)

Tom Cruise in Collateral, the dance floor scene.

Face off. The assault on castor troys (now played by nicholas cage) gangs hideout.

Off-Topic Discussion / The Michael Jackson trial
« on: May 31, 2005, 05:25:34 PM »
The Michael jackson trial is almost at its end after a media circus out of this world...
We´ve reached the time where it´s nowup to the jury to retire and sit down and decide if Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent, and this can take as long as from 3 days to 3 weeks.

What´s your take on it?

Is he´s innocent or guilty?

 Is he going to be condemned or aquitted ? 

Eastwood News / Gorillaz and Dirty Harry.
« on: May 23, 2005, 04:44:23 AM »
This isnt really news about clint eastwood per see, but seeing as the cd has just come out today i figured it should be put here ;

Once again the cartoonband Gorillaz has a track on their cd relating to Clint Eastwood. A track on their first cd (simply called Gorillaz) was named Clint Eastwood, and had just about nothing to do with eastwood at all.

It´s exactly the same case on their new cd Demon Days where track no. 5 is called Dirty Harry. the song has nothing to do with dirty harry but is about american soldiers in Iraq  so harry isnt mentioned by name or anything (even though some parts does remind me of dirty harry).

The lyrics are performed in rap, and goes like this ;


I dont find it very flattering that Dirty Harrys name is put in context with the war in Iraq. We may have different opinions about the war in Iraq (AND THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A DISCUSSION ABOUT THAT CONFLICT) but to use the name of a violent made up character to describe the soldiers in Iraq is in my mind too provocative and stepping over the line. What´s next ? A Darth Vader jam about Genocide, massmurder and oppresion ?

I´m a big fan of Gorillaz but i really dont like it when fiction is mixed with reality to describe political matters ... 

What is the greates plot twist you´ve ever encountered in a movie? Now, i´m talking about the one that really made your jaw hit the floor because you didnt see that one comming? I´ve listed some of the more well known, but i´m sure that you all got your very own special jawdropper. A reason for why it is the best would also be nice.

Off-Topic Discussion / 2005 movie discussion
« on: January 10, 2005, 04:40:21 PM »
With the new year going  into its second week, i reckon a new years movie discussion thread is in order.

I´d like to open the debate with comment on one of the first movies i´ve seen this year.


This one is the worst of the trilogy. There, now, i´ve said it...

I was looking forwards to this movie, apparently the last that snipes is going to play a part in, so i was hoping for a climatic ending, with everything unleashed. I reckon i got more that i bargained for, in a bad way...

The movie starts out pretty good. The vamps developed some brains and sicks the fbi and the police on blade knowing that he wont run amok on them the same way he does it on the vamps, while they ressurect dracula. A clever idea that might´ve developed into omething good if it wasnt because that the vamps who does it seems pretty unknown in the vampire society. all we got is a brother and sister who should have got more screentime (if it wasnt for the fact that both act and look so bad,( the way the female vampire acts and  looks like during the entire movie makes me think of the easter europen prostitutes that floods the streets of copenhagen currently.) Blade is captured, and all of the sudden the Nightstalkers show up. The Nightstalkers are a group of vampirehunters consisting on Whistlers daughter, Hannibal King a former vampire (how he stopped being a vampire is quickly dismissed in the movie) a blind woman with a child, a geek, and a nerd. You never hear about how they came to be vampirehunters to begin with, no background is told, no story is shown.
The vamps ressurected dracula (now called Drake) in the first part of the movie who now seems to bee a Scorpion king wannabee with no style, no acting talent, and no clear agenda...
The Nightstalkers are working on a virus that could destroy all vampires, but they need draculas blood since all vampires descend from him. this original formula of vampire blood can help find the link that makes this virus deadly to all vampires i.e all draculas descendants.
but except from that, they have no clear agenda besides killing vampires.
They now need blade to get the sample, killing drake, and  save the world e.t.c.
The entire movie sinks into a lot of fighting, techno music, bad plot, bad acting, bad jokes, with an ending far too obvious (and dull) to make watching this movie worthwhile. Sure, the action scenes are pretty neat, but it doesnt work if the background make them beleivable.

I could rant on and on about this movie, but i´m afraid you´d all get bored with it, and my keyboard cant take that kind of punishment. So i´ll just say ; 2004 had Van Helsing, 2005 has Blade 3
(van helsing can still sod off and leave the vampirehunting to real men, Blade is still the coolest of the two though.)

If all the comicbook movies for 2005 are like this the comicbook bubble might break...

General Discussion / European Eastwood gathering rides again!!!
« on: September 13, 2004, 04:43:04 PM »
I´ve earlier tried to find a cinema in Denmark where we could watch some clint material, but sadly it failed due to lack of acces of older eastwood material in the right format.
However, something has come up that might be an somewhat acceptable alternative.
I´ve begun working on a sportsbar called O´learys. which has 43 smaller televisions, and 3 large screens, so any sportsevent can be shown from every possible angle. this might serve as an good alternative to watching eastwood material on a big screen, especially when we are now be able to run DVD material.
I´ve discussed the option with my boss, and he seems keen on the idea, so if people would be interested in travelling to Denmark and watch some eastwood material, and get to know one another IRL.
If there´s anyone who would like to do that, i shall begin to work on the details about getting a license for showing ANY EASTWOOD DVD WE HAVE ACCESS TO  :D

Unfortunetly, there´s niot a lot of pisctures from the bar, the best i could come up with is the one on this link, that shows the size of the big screens.

Anyone interested??

Off-Topic Discussion / Deadwood. the series.
« on: September 09, 2004, 02:54:31 PM »
I havent seen anyone mention this tv serie in here, so i was wondering if anyone has seen it?, and if you have, what´s your take on it?

For those of you who havent heard about it, here´s some info :

Deadwood is a tv serie made by HBO (soon to be aired on Sky One), and is about... you guessed it! the city of Deadwood.  ;)

For those of you, unfamilliar with western history,i´ll give you a brief rundown ;
 Deadwood was one of the three biggest gold mining communities of the old west. It lay near the black hills, and was thus out of the american unions reach for some time. It was one of the places where many western legends met ( Calamity jane, Wild bill Hickock (who was shot down there), and Seth Bullocks to mention the most important)
Gambling, killing, prostitution, and cheating was rife, and life definetly wasnt fair for those who sought their fortune there only to be swindled out of their hard earned money in this largely outlawlike community.

About the tv serie itself :
It´s very well produced, directed, and the acting is ranges from good to supreme. (it´s been nominated for 11 emmys.)
it deftly mixes true historical characters, with realistic plots, and happenings (ambushes, diceases, indians.) with fictional characters and everyday problems(opium addiction, prostitution/violent "customers" e.t.c.).
The mood in the series reminds me of a mix of the Sopranos and Unforgiven, especially with the (often foul) language, and life of prostitutes, hard cases, cheaters, gamblers, drunks e.t.c.

The (most important) Cast :
(TC = true character. FC= fictional character.)

Seth Bullock TC. ( timothy olyphant) is one of the lead characters. is a former sheriff who sets out with his jewish companion Sol Star (TC John Hawke) to open a mining gear shop in deadwood. Of course he´s quickly drawn into the local community, with all the problems it entails...

Al Swearengen TC (Ian McShane) is the other lead character. he is the corrupt, ruthless, saloonowner of the Gem saloon (who on an average day in 1876 earned as much as 5000 dollars a day) who godfatherly runs Deadwood. he can easily have you killed, and have you dumped at mr. woo (FC, the local chinese butcher) who throws your body into his pigfence...

Wild bill hickock TC( Keith Carradine) i dont think any introduction should be neccesary   ;)

Calamity Jane TC (Robin Weight) same goes for her  ;D.

What´s really important here, is that even though they were big legends even at that time. you dont follow them that much, which is really interesting, since i´d usually consider such two characters wotrh a lot of screentime.

A.W.Merrick TC (Jeffrey Jones). The "mayor" of deadwood. He runs the local newspaper, but doesnt really have a lot to say. Al got all the power, and whatever he comes up with usually never turns out the way he wants it...

Cy Tolliver (Powers Boothe) (i´m somewhat at odds about whether Cy is a fictional character or not, but he definetly fits into the deadwood mythology.) Cy is a newly arrived saloon owner, who brings fresh girls, and a ruthless, and cruel ambition and taste for money with him. He and Al soon becomes competitors, even though they try to keep a civil face, and try to "divide" the city between them...

E.B. Farnum FC (William Sanderson) is the small weasellike hotelowner who works for Al, getting informations, gossip, helping set up easy marks e.t.c.

It would take to much time to mention all the interesting characters there is in deadwood, so i´ll let the list be for now.    
Let me just finish this first post off with mentioning that a second season is currently being shot. and i cant stress it enough, that this is a tv series you really shouldnt miss...


Eastwood News / Clint to direct episode of Scorsese presents the blues.
« on: February 15, 2004, 01:52:23 PM »
Last week i read an article in my local newspaper that Francis ford coppola is producing/directing a 7 episoeds big television serie about the rise and history of the blues music. This serie has 7 directors instructing one episode each. Coppola is going to direct one himself, as is Clint Eastwood, and 5 other directors are going to take theis turn at one episode each.
I dont remember that many details on the project as i forgot to bring the paper home, but the one thing i was 100 % secure about is that clint is going to direct one full episode. next question is of course... do i have to buy all episodes, or can i buy them seperatly...  ;D
Have any of you guys heard about this project? has anyone any updates?

General Discussion / Clints impact on the entertainment industry
« on: October 26, 2003, 06:00:16 AM »
I´m moving a discussion me and eustressor had on the clint trans cultural appeal thread over here, i think a lot of you guys would like to debat on as vell.
There is no denying that clint has had a huge impact on the entertainment industy through the years, and that a lot of material has been written, with him in mind, or as a (either positive or negative) nod towards him. How do you feel about it? Do you think clint would have approved? Whats your take on it? Is there any other moviestars whom you think has had more references in different types of media than clint?
I´ll throw in a couple of examples in different types of media where you can see clint references, whats your take on them?

Movies : a lot of movies has made nods towards clint, either as clint inspired movies, or just with a small mentioning of him such as : Blues brothers 1 (the scene where they play the theme from rawhide), Bruce allmighty( carreys DH transfomation), Crocodile dundee 2 (the two japanes tourists who think that dundee is eastwood) , running wild (the "dirty tony" reference, and a couple of 44.magnums is a clear but not overly positive refernce to clint), and the mask (do you feel lucky punk) can you come up with some more? do you think clint would have seen the movie with a small smile on his face, or was it a sneer?

Books : a lot of books has clint type heroes in it (No mans land by jan guillou springs to mind. His main character, inspector Hamilton seems to be a swedish version of clint to my mind) There is of course also the books clint has made into movies (mystic river, blood works, gone to texas) whats yor take on it? Has the movies he made been good for the books? Is the references to him in books you have read been good or bad?

Music : Clints fascination with jazz has of course had a huge impact in that genre. Do you think you would  be listening to jazz if it wasnt for clint?(if you listen to it)
Have you ever heard music that seems inspired by clint?
What genre is it? Everything from metallica playing extacy of gold, to gorillaz´s Clint eastwood has an interest here.

Computer games . a lot of games has clint type heroes in it, if not more or less based or inspired from  eastwood movies. A game such as Outlaw, and Max Payne comes to mind. Can  you come up with more? What do you think clint feels about him inspirering this new type of entertainment?

Comics : many popular comic book authors are huge clint fans and are obviously inspired by clint when they write comics. huge names such as Frank Miller (the dark knight returns, daredevil, sin city) Garth Ennis (preacher, hitman, judge dredd, punisher) and Brian Azzarillo (100 bullets, hellblazer) comes to my mind.
A lot of comic book characters are clearly build over clint (jonah hex, nick fury,the pilgrim, saint of killers, judge dredd ) so its pretty obvious that clint has many fans in that industry. How do you feel about that? do you think its good that we see so much of "clint" in an industry that many people find immature?

Thats all for now, whats your opinion on it? have you spotted a clint reference somewhere? did you like it? Do you think that the nods and bows towards him would continue after clint goes to that big whiskeybar in heaven? Is there any other actor you think who has had more references in the entertainment industry? How much of the entertainment industry do you think clint controls? Let´s hear them opinions of yours  ;)

Questions & Answers / Clint in casper???
« on: September 27, 2003, 03:05:30 PM »
I recently explored my High plains drifter dvd, and saw that clint had an part in casper  ???
Are we talking "the cute little ghostboy Casper" and if we are, what did he play??? (I´ve only seen it with my little cousin with danish dubbing, and it wasnt the movie i looked most closely at, i´ll admit but still...)

The Dirty Harry Films / Harry the bastard ???
« on: September 13, 2003, 07:25:58 AM »
According to Total film magazine iss. 79, Dirty harry is among the top 20 of the biggest moviebastards ever.
They mad a top 40 list and to my surprice i saw harry callahan taking a whooping 15th place, beating such moviebastards as Sean Nokes ( kevin bacon in The sleepers) and TUCO IN GBU (18th place)  :o ??? ::)
I´m not one for reading lists about who are the greatest villian, hero, or director e.t.c. except if it´s a readers pool since i think that a small panel of judges cant make such decission since everyone of us has his own opinion about what makes a bastard, but i´ll post the article so that you can either agree or disagree.
Let me start by stating that i disagree with the list (i´ll post it if people wants to compare the bastards on the list) there are a lot of people who should have been on the list instead and even though i might consider harry a rough cop i dont think he deserves the title bastard for that. but then again, that´s my opinion! what´s yours???
The article reads as follows :
A borderline psychotic who just happends to be on the right side of the law, `dirty`harry Callahan aint got time to play by the rules. Harry´s appeared in five movies , taking out two serial killers (dirty harry and the dear pool) a group of rouge cops (magnum force) urban terrorist (the enforcer) and a rape-revenge killer (sudden impact). Nothing makes his day more than bringing in his man. Preferably with a hole in the back of his head. PRIME ACT OF BASTARDY : Having stopped a bank robbery earlier in dirty harry, he utters the famous "do you feel lucky?" speech to a prone robber. Did harry fire six shots or only five? The robber bottles it and drops his gun, but stops the cop walking away with the words " I got to know" and nods at the gun. Smiling, harry points the gun at the terrifed crooks head and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks empty...

Clint Eastwood Westerns / what were the faults with the walker colt.
« on: August 26, 2003, 05:28:45 AM »
In unforgiven little bill tells the true story about english bob in the bar, and says that the walker colt were prone to blow up.
I had a talk with a friend about old guns, and i mentioned the thing about the walker colt.
My friend is somewhat of a gun-nut, and had we lived in the U.S. he would have been a prime member of the NRA, but he couldnt tell me why the walker colt would blow up. He thougt it might be some weakness in the design, but he wasnt sure.

Anyone out there, who could tell me???

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