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General Discussion / Re:Celeb. Fight
« on: August 21, 2003, 07:24:50 AM »
is this a joke??? ;D
even if connery had a heart attack, and clint picked up callista flockhart to beat harrison to a pulp (aint nothing like a good piece of hickory) the outcome would have been clear...
if we are talking about moviecharacters the outcome would be more interesting.
Connery as james bond
Ford as indiana jones (han solo is not much of a fighter)
Eastwood as the stranger (or dirty harry)

how about that???

(even here i think that eastwood would win, the stranger/harry draws his mighty gun, mortally wounds james bond while dodging indy´s whip, then blows indy away, walks over to bond and forces him to swallow his vodka marini WITH GLASS. thereby choking him to death

or even better ;
who would win in a fight between the duke and eastwood (ignoring the fact that the duke is deader than disco)

I would say the duke, but then again, eastwood would have blown him away before that. ;D

mine is definetly :

Do you have the guts to take a bullet?

I´ll be thinking about it when i´m pissing on your grave.

Malkovich is without any doubt one of the greates eastwood antagonist ever. he narrowly beats hackman, and clearly beats lee in GBU.
to my opinion he has the best line in the entire movie when eastwood says :
What do you see at night when the demons come?

I see you standing over the grave of another dead president
(damn, sends shivers down my spine just sitting here writing it)  :o

General Discussion / Re: Clint's Guns
« on: August 21, 2003, 06:57:02 AM »
clint also used a standard german army luger with silencer in where eagles dare. (got no photo of it i´m afraid.)
But did the luger come with a silencer at that time???

my choice would be :

a fistfull of dollars
a few dollars more
(that way your sergio leone collection is complete)
followed quickly up with :
high plane drifters
hang em high ( the first movie AFTER he finished working with leone)
two mules for sister mary (always good for a laugh)

I´m fine with the fact that unforgiven was the last western eastwood played a part in. what a grand farewell to the genre (as opposed to the dirty harry ; dead poll which was to my opinion a sad ending of a otherwise nice serie of films)
But i would love to see him direct more westerns.
Eastwood is by far the best director when it comes to westerns, and i am sure he has a few places on his colt left for another notch ;)

He has a grasp on westerns that all the wankers who made westerns like wild wild west, and  bad girls can only dream of.  :(

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re:Deadlands.
« on: August 21, 2003, 06:32:17 AM »
i have played deadlands, and it ooozzes of a perfect eastwood setting.
some of the more "exotic" things might be downtuned a bit, but otherwise, why not...

in general i would like a RPG involving the PURE west.
(not with werewolves ( werewolf, the wild west) or the occult (deadlands)

it cant be worse than wild wild west ;D

By the way, if you liked deadlands, check out the comic called preacher, wriiten by hard core eastwood fan Garth ennis. NOW THERE IS A MOVIE I WOULD LIKE TO ASEE EASTWOOD IN!!!! :o

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re: Favourite Clint Western
« on: August 21, 2003, 06:25:07 AM »
the outlaw josey wales, GBU, and unforgiven are without any doubt the best eastwood westerns ever. i must admit that i have difficulties choosing between them due to the fact that they all have one or more insurmountable advantages.

GBU : without any doubt the best shooting (movievise) music, and cutting. sergio leone is by far the best director (sorry clint) when it comes to shooting angles.
(clint on the other hand gets the actors to really give themselves, and lets them loose)

disadvantages : the holes in the story, i can agree upon the reasons why clint and eli gets booted into prison camp, but how the f... did lee get to be an officer in the same camp?
you dont have to be a rocket scientist to work out the plot, a plot involving a hidden treasure has been seen since treasure island.

Josey wales : best plottwist (our hero shoots bluecoats, makes peace with the indians, then rides out to shoot some more bluecoats) best setting, to my mind it shows how the west really were, with a wider variety of characters than unforgiven ( we got rebs, bluecoats, indians, colonists, bandits, whiskeypettlers, bountyhunters, just about anything that could walk and crawl in the west)
we also have a better characterdevelopment, and a more diverse dialouge
I have even read that eastwood had approached the mighty DUKE about the role as fletcher, but he turned it down saying that the movie showed a too dark version of the west.
disadvantages : the vengeancestory has been seen before, and wales gets to soft in the end, yet stille rides out to kick ass and take names)

unforgiven : best mood. best story, best acting all around. (sure lee and eli were great, but their characters werent that well written compared to unforgiven) and best ending. i cried my eyes out when clint finally succumbed to his darker side at the ending.
disadvantages : not the most epic plot, (but nice still the same) the movie tries TOO hard to portray all the good sides of the ALL the characters, where a little less had been enough (the one exception beeing the cowboy who cuts up the hooker, whom you dont really see until the end where he is shot)

as for eastwoods performance i would rate the movies in the following line
1: unforgiven (best acting)
2: josey wales (best one-liners, best characterdevelopment)

so it is pretty hard for me to say which is the best.
sure all the movies has their minor flaws, but that doesnt matter in the end because they are all milestones in the moviegenre.


The Dirty Harry Films / Re:Best DH bad guy.
« on: August 17, 2003, 02:09:27 PM »
Mick from sudden impact first came to my mind when i read this debate.
admittedly scorpio is more resourcefull, a man with a mission, and the worst haircut in any DH movie but Mick is clearly a mad dog who needs to be put out of his misery...

Quote : we´re gonna relive some old memories up here

damn, he is a sick puppy... ;D

The Dirty Harry Films / Re:Favourite Harry movie?
« on: August 17, 2003, 02:03:07 PM »
My favorite harry films are in the following order

dirty harry
sudden impact
magnum force
the enforcer
death pool

with less sondra locke and more eastwood, sudden impact might even have been my number one. had they included more mobstershooting i would worship the movie on a daily basis. the scene where he gives shrelkiss a heart attack in the restaurant at his gtranddaughters wedding ALMOST beats the automagscene at the end.

The Dirty Harry Films / Re:Same black guy?
« on: August 17, 2003, 01:53:04 PM »
here is my two cents...
surely the same actor can play different characters in any (eastwood) movie without destroying any "continunity".
It is not a unique thing to see after all.
hitchcock had a cameo in almost any movie he made, so does peter jackson.

the "vasques" chick form aliens have been having cameo apperances in all james cameron movies since aliens, so does the danish "actor" sven ole thorsen in all of arnies movies.

Think of it as a dirty harry version of "spot waldo"  ;D

as for this "debate" about clints "racism". think of this then ; how come Sondra Locke always/nearly gets raped in all the movies (sudden impact, the gauntlet, the outlaw josey wales)
I even saw her in a movie once where she also appeared to get.... (drums) raped (TADAA)  ;)

Collectors' Corner / Re:"josey wales" guns for sale
« on: August 01, 2003, 05:07:44 PM »
Damn!!!  :o
when they sell his 44. magnum from dirty harry, i´m selling my appartment trying to scrounge enogh funding together...  ;D

The Dirty Harry Films / Re: Are you for another Dirty Harry?
« on: August 01, 2003, 04:58:23 PM »
my main reason for a new dirty harry movie is the same as a lot of other has written.
The Death pool should NOT be the last dirty harry movie

The thought of him as an older harry,(maybe promoted so high up in the hierachy that he dont know what he can do since being a chief is so much different than being a street cop) trying to get back in the action despite red tape an politics (and of course doing it)
would be a nice ending to the harry saga.
the thing about old cops feeling the age wearing them down, while they are trying to do their job was one of the reasons i liked a movie like lethal weapons 4 much better than the third


Eastwood News / Re:"Clint doesn't want to act anymore"
« on: August 01, 2003, 04:40:15 PM »
One more thing regarding clint might return to the acting if he saw a good script.

There is always the chance he might make a CAMEO. (as long as he acts cool, shoots some people up, and rides away into the sunset)  ;)

I for one would LLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE to see him as the saint of killers in the upcomming preacher movie.

(for those of you who havent heard of Preacher, i can tell that it is a comic written by a great eastwoodfan called garth ennis. I highly recommend it

The saint of killers character is a homage to eastwood if i ever saw one. its an old cowboy who dies, goes to hell, filled with hate because he didnt managed to kill the scumbags who inadverently were the reason his family died, then returns from hell (wont spoil the surprice of how he does it ) with 2 walker colts which never misses, misfires, or leaves a wound less than fatal
(forged of the metal from the angel of deaths sword)
and the saint is not even the main character!!!)

by the way, preacher is not a "spandex super hero comic
(gave those up years ago)
they are published from vertigo comics in collected albums (9 in all, then the comic ends)

Eastwood News / Re:"Clint doesn't want to act anymore"
« on: August 01, 2003, 04:25:03 PM »
Considering he said the same just after Unforgiven, i think we should see what the future brings. before we weep at each others shoulders.... (crossed fingers)

If he had given this interview to a moviemagacine like Empire or Total film, i´d be more nervous...


Collectors' Corner / "josey wales" guns for sale
« on: August 01, 2003, 04:17:41 PM »
check this out!!!!
The two guns eastwood used in the outlaw josey wales are for sale at Ebay.

They are auctioned off for 1000, and 1500 dollars as a starting fee.
One of the guns is the one he shot the bountyhunter he scared off with the immortal words ; dying aint much of a living, boy...
I am currently kicking myself for using all my savings on a kitchen.  ;) :'( :o

Both guns (one rubber, one remade to fire blanks) comes with a letter of autenticy

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