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Sudden Impact fails because it removes Harry from SF

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Ken Dodd:
The film is great until Harry is sent packing to San Paulo and then the film drags and goes all forgettable on us.

Do you agree?

- Dodd


No I dont agree. The movie fails cause its not a good movie. The Callahan character  had become tired and cartoonish.

Jed Cooper:
^^^Good point, Perry and I agree.  Not at first, because upon release I was happy to experience seeing my first Dirty Harry movie on the big screen as a fan.  Unfortunately, this film has not aged well.  Cartoonish is a good adjective describing one of the problems.  While Sondra Locke was good in The Gauntlet and "Which Way" films, her acting here is bad.  Not only that, but constantly revisiting her past is what drags the film down.  What I come away with from revisiting this movie these days is nostalgia and satisfaction of seeing Eastwood on film, a rarity these days.
What I don't understand about this film is how it's constantly ignored whenever 80's-themed magazines hit the bookstores.  Sudden Impact was a mega hit in it's day, a widely successful movie at the box office that had Eastwood in the limelight once again.  Not only that, "Make My Day" was an oft-repeated quote, from commercials, other actors all the way up to then President Reagan.  I've noticed that whenever a 1980's movie-themed magazine comes out, Sudden Impact is ignored.  I wonder why.

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 Outside of that quote and the fact it did make money J.C, I never liked the movie. When i saw it originally I have to admit my first thought was " Jeez, Locke is in this movie too?" so my hatred was in full mode, but I just thought the whole movie was ridiculous and it had become a tired act. Go watch 'The Dead Pool' which is even more embarrassing. The movie Eastwood did that should had got more response as far as 80's movies was 'White Hunter Black Heart' which is a great movie. One last point J.C.. Locke I agree is very good in The Gauntlet, but she's mediocre in anything else she did with Eastwood.

Jed Cooper:
I hear ya.  I’m not a fan of The Dead Pool anymore but admit I enjoyed seeing it upon first release more than Sudden Impact.  Eastwood did start the 90’s off right with White Hunter, Black Heart but slipped with The Rookie before his tour de force two years later, Unforgiven.  So Locke was in all of six Eastwood movies, her best performance being The Gauntlet.  I’d say she was at least passable in the Which Way films.  At least those two comedies are good enough regardless of her appearance.  Her acting is actually better in Bronco Billy, but the Which Way comedies are better films overall.   

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