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During this lockdown I find myself watching more documentaries than ever ..
I just finished Storyville. The Highjacker who Vanished. The Mystery of D.B Cooper..

I had a vague memory of this story from way back in the 70s. Very interesting piece..

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had some cool documentaries they?d like to recommend ?

The Schofield Kid:
Identical Strangers is brilliant. I saw it on Netflix a few months ago. Highly recommend it.  8) 8)

Nice one... I?ll look out for that 👍

A few years ago I watched Runnin' Down a Dream, the Peter Bogdanovich documentary about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It's four hours long, and I remember I watched the first three the first night I started it. I saw it on Netflix but since then it's been probably the first documentary I ever bought on DVD.

A few months ago I bought digital copies of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (they were bundled together). I've seen Never Sleep Again before, and it's also about four hours long. I liked it a lot. Crystal Lake Memories is in two parts, totally six hours and forty minutes long. I haven't started it yet, but I've heard good things about it.

So I guess those could be good recommendations if you like Tom Petty, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th. :D

I just watched Console Wars the other night on CBS All Access (the post automatically created the link). It's about Nintendo and Sega. I've actually seen a few docs about video games. That seems to be an interest of mine. ???

Disney Plus has a lot of their nature documentaries. A couple weeks ago I watched Penguins, and then I saw they had a documentary about the making of that documentary called Penguins: Life on the Edge. I liked Life on the Edge better, where you can see the filmmakers out braving the elements in Antarctica to film the penguins, orcas, and leopard seals. And I noticed they have a few other sets of movies like that, where you can watch the original doc and then also see the documentary made about the making of the other film (one about elephants and the other about dolphins).

I don't watch that many documentaries, but some of my favorites in recent years are the first season of Making a Murderer (I didn't watch the second season), The Stair Case, and The Keepers. I think those are all on Netflix. When I do watch documentaries, I seem to like crime stories.

I also liked The Gatekeepers, which focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as the Fog of War, which centers around Robert McNamara, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war. I've also seen Three Strangers and would recommend that as well. If I didn't know it was based on true events, I wouldn't believe the events it depicts actually happened. Life Itself, which focuses on the life of film critic Roger Ebert, was also worth checking out.


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