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KC has passed away


23 Years Ago, a member simply known as KC joined a little message board on the internet called the Clint Eastwood Web Board. She soon became everything to this board -- a Moderator and eventually the main Administrator of the board. There was rarely a topic that she didn't weigh in on. She was a researcher, a bibliophile, and so much more. To me, she was one of my very best friends, for just over 20 years.

I am reeling from the email we received today, and I will have more to say later. Right now, I am in mourning, and unable to find the words that would do her justice. Then again, I'm sure there are no words that I could come up with to do just that. I would turn to her and ask for her help. She always had the right words. Every single word in about 10 or 12 languages in which she was fluent. Friends, tonight, please take some time to think of how amazing this #1 Eastwood fan and friend is. How much time she dedicated to this board, and share your thoughts with us in the open thread in the Website Announcements forum.
Here is all we know as of now -- the email we received:

--- Quote ---Dear Eastwood board,

Forgive me if you've already received this information.  I'm very sorry to let you know that KC (Kathie Coblentz) died unexpectedly last Saturday evening, from head injuries when she fell after having been struck by a car.

I was one of Kathie's co-workers, and we've been longtime friends since the late 1990s.  A mutual friend contacted me just a couple of hours ago, and I'm still in shock and disbelief.

Kathie was 73.  She leaves no immediate survivors except for her friends, who certainly include you and all devoted Eastwood fans.

Please let me hear from you if you have any questions, although I don't know much more yet than what I've shared here.  I know you must be as stunned and saddened as I am, and my heart goes out to all of you.

With best wishes,

Laura O'Keefe

--- End quote ---

Laura included an email address, but I do not want to share it on a public forum. If you wanted to write her directly please PM me.

All I can really say at this point is that she may not have had family, but she had a lot of love from friends. I will never ever know anyone like her. This is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. RIP dear Kathie, "KC".

Please visit the Websites Announcement Forum where this topic will be open for your comments. I'm going to keep this in both the Off Topic Forum and the Websites Announcements Forum so it will be seen by everyone, but have locked this thread so we only have one active thread.  Here is a link to the open thread to add your comments: 


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