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Author Topic: KC, our beloved Board Administrator, our Everything, has passed away  (Read 3708 times)
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« Reply #40 on: September 23, 2021, 02:29:08 PM »

Holy sh!t. I am so terribly sad to hear this news, I just heard today.

But that all wasn't the cool part. The cool part was Kathie and I were standing in front of the theatre, just chatting and catching up, and up pulls a van and out steps Joel Cox. Kathie and I were literally the only two people there, probably including most of the staff of the festival, who knew who he was. So he got a drink and hung out in the front of the theater too. We approached him to say how much we love his work...and he talked with us for about forty minutes. Just me, Kathie, and Joel. It was so wonderful. I have attended a couple dozen film festivals of all levels over the years and met many of my cinematic heroes, but the only autograph I ever asked for was Mr. Cox's. Not because I thought it would be "worth" anything of course, but to memorialize that terrific evening. Kathie nor I can see Unforgiven enough, so the screening was great too, but nothing will replace these two film buffs talking movies with one of the great editors. Had it happened a few years later there would have been selfies and maybe even a recording of the conversation, but in May of 2001 it is simply a memory to cherish.

I am heartbroken to learn of Kathie's death but incredibly thankful for the memories and level of friendship we shared.

I have also met Joel Cox. It was at the Carmel Film Festival back in 2011 when Clint premiered J. Edgar there. I can confirm what Holden said. I had a couple long conversations with him, one after him and his co-editor at the time, Gary Roach, gave an interview, and another when I happened to see him again later on in the evening at the Mission Ranch. Both times he was very nice and seemed enthusiastic about discussing Clint, his films, editing, etc. Had I gotten there a few minutes earlier, I might have actually been able to meet Clint! When I got to the Mission Ranch, he told me that he had just met with him there to discuss the potential "Star Is Born" project that was eventually abandoned by Eastwood and later made in some form by Bradley Cooper.
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