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Can't start a topic in Off-Topic Discussion

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Hey, I was looking to start a new topic in Off-Topic Discussion when I noticed that I don't have a "new topic" option to select there. I thought maybe it's because I'm a rather new user, but I found at least one topic there that was started by a user who only made a single post on the forums. I've checked the FAQ and I couldn't find anything that was much help. Could anybody help me with this one?

The Schofield Kid:
That?s weird. I can see it between ?notify? and ?new poll? . Like always.
Any one else not seeing new topic?

That is strange. I can see the New Topic option as well.

I can confirm that I also see the New Topic button.

Well that's strange. I've checked all the other boards and categories and I am able to start a topic in each one of them. It's only Off-Topic Discussion that only shows me "Mark as Read" and "Notify" buttons.


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