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Clint - PRO Gun proof

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Hello, I was having an argument with someone I shoot competitively with.  
Clint Eastwood has always been one of my favorite actors and I've always believed he was pro gun.  
This guy was telling me he was anti-gun so I started searching for proof that he was pro-gun and only found a couple things.
Can you guys point me to some proof that he is definitely PRO gun.
Thanks in advance!!


Hi amphibian, and welcome to the board. :)

Here's a couple of excerpts that may help out.

--- Quote ---BEHAR:  The release of Unforgiven coincided with the controversy surrounding Cop Killer and the split-up between Ice-T and Time Warner. Similarly, at the time of A Perfect World's release, we witnessed the staging of a general accusation against the film industry, television and the media, the attack coming from both the Attorney General, Janet Reno, and from President Clinton, scarcely two weeks ago.

EASTWOOD:  Actually, I'm beggining to be annoyed by politicians who suddenly start blaming television, the movies, and so forth. You can call TV too violent, or movies too violent. You could just simply blame bad television and bad movies. But when a politician gets involved in this kind of diatribe, I never know whether he's doing it to serve his country or to serve himself. When you're looking for scapegoats, the movie and television industry make a choice target: they never fight back. Television puts up its umbrella and Hollywood beats its breast... Janet Reno is probably trying to get herself forgiven for the enormous fiasco of Waco, which was the most violent thing I've seen on television lately! And I don't know very many TV programs that display as much violence as the television newscasts.

Recently, a man was arrested in Northern California for kidnapping and afterwards murdering a young girl. As it turned out, he had already been convicted on two occasions for the same offense!  The state of Washington is considering passing a law according to which the third conviction for a major crime will condemn you to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. But how many people will have to die before this third conviction? All the values in this country have changed so much.

I was raised with the idea that crime doesn't pay. But the legal system has become unbelievably devious, and the average conviction for murder today is five and half years in actual fact. . .

BEHAR:  During a recent debate on violence in which the filmmaker Steven Soderbergh took part, some eloquent numbers were advanced: every year, in France, in Italy, in Germany, fewer than about fifty people are killed by automatic or semiautomatic combat weapons. In the United States: more than ten thousand!


BEHAR:  For Soderbergh, the reason was simple: these weapons are forbidden in Europe. The recent adoption of the Brady Bill, the law to which the name of James Brady is attached, Ronald Reagan's bodyguard* at the time of the assassination attempt by John Hinckley--does it appear to you to be a first step in the right direction?

EASTWOOD:  I was always a backer of this bill.  It establishes a Federally mandated waiting period of five days between the application for the purchase of a handgun and its transfer to the purchaser. In California, however, the waiting period is already fifteen days. On the other hand, almost all Swiss families with a family member in the national guard have assault weapons at home. Simply put, Swiss society doesn't encourage people to use them. Could that be because, in our society, the guilty pass through the system so quickly that nothing is taken seriously any more?

* Brady was Reagan's press secretary, not his bodyguard. -- Translator's note.

--- End quote ---
Clint Eastwood in an interview with Henri Behar, published as "L'Amerique au bord du vide" in Le Monde, 16 December 1993; reprinted in Clint Eastwood: Interviews p. 219-220

--- Quote ---One sport Eastwood avoids is hunting. The biggest-grossing screen killer doesn't, he says, "get knocked out killing living things" and favors "gun control to some degree."
--- End quote ---
People Magazine, June 2, 1975, p. 22


Welcome to the board, amphibian.  :)

When you say "Pro gun", do you mean "anti-gun control?". Or "pro NRA"? I'm sorry, I'm just not sure whether you want to know whether he admires and/or collects guns, or what his political views on the gun control debate are.

The topic of gun control was brought up not too long ago in this thread. KC posted part of the same quote Matt posted here, and I simply stated that "he directed and starred in Unforgiven :)"

Off the board, I have also discussed this with a few members. If you look at the cautionary tales in Unforgiven, both pro and con with regards to gun control, and then consider Clint's blurb on the back of the Unforgiven VHS:

--- Quote ---The concern was with the morality of gunplay.
--- End quote ---

- coupled with the title (and some content) of the short documentary "All on Accounta of Pullin' a Trigger" which appears on the Unforgiven Special Edition DVD – it becomes pretty clear that this is a man who has thought carefully about both sides of the gun control debate, and doesn't seem to wholly subscribe to one side or the other.

At least that's how it appears from my vantage point. Hope this helps! :)


I just ran across another interview where this is discussed:

--- Quote ---ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:  How do you feel about tougher anticrime legislation?

EASTWOOD:  These advocates are saying, "Well, gun control would do it."  I'm not sure about that.  There's another group that says that stricter sentences and less plea bargaining would do something about it. All that is good conversation. We've got a lot of laws now that no one pays any attention to. Maybe there is something to the overproliferation of guns, but how do you stop that? After the civil unrest, everyone goes out and arms to the teeth. You go by some of these gun stores and you'd think people were lining up for the opening of Gone With the Wind in 1939! (Laughs)  I happen to be a proponent of some sort of gun control. I don't see anything against the Brady Bill.  If anything, it calls attention to safety in handling guns for people who want more personal safety.
--- End quote ---
Entertainment Weekly, December 10, 1993, p. 32


I, for one, am very disappointed to think that Clint Eastwood is even any semblence of anti-gun.  The Brady Bill is evil and it's the stepping-stones approach that the liberals are trying to get away with.  It's all about conditioning: getting America to dis-arm one step at a time.  As the saying goes: "Anyone who would trade freedom(s) for security deserves neither freedom nor security!"  

I will say this in defence of Eastwood's words - the laws that already exist don't appear to be used in courts of law these days.  Even the concept of defending one's home against intruders seems to be regional.  If you shoot a burglar in the western states, you might be okay.  Try exercising your gun rights anywhere east of the Mississippi River and you're just rolling the dice.  Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to hear a judge inform the court that there is no law whatsoever allowing us to defend our homes with a firearm!  That, folks, is just around the corner.

Washington, D.C. does not allow handguns, and one by one, the other states will fall.  

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