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MAGNUM FORCE: Audience Reaction 6: Your Least Favorite Scene

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Which is the scene in Magnum Force that you like the least? Why?

Maybe the scenes with Sunny. They didn't really serve a purpose to me. If she was taken hostage or something by the baddies, then maybe it would make sense, but other then those, nothing much bothered me.

The Draino scene.  :o

Albert Popwell sure did shine in Dirty Harry and The Enforcer. I also enjoyed him in Sudden Impact, however, I really don't like this scene of his in Magnum Force. No fault of his own... he did it convincingly. Maybe TOO convincingly.  :-\

Maybe the scene with's not as if it really brought something to the movie, and even then im beeing picky.I think pretty much all the scenes were good

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