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MAGNUM FORCE: Audience Reaction 5: Your Favorite Scene

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What is your favorite scene from Magnum Force? Why?

Probably the convience store robbery or the plane hijacking. Both were pretty amusing.

I did like the scene where Harry is speaking with the cops about joining their side. It got pretty tense there for a bit.

There are an awful lot of great scenes in the movie.

I enjoy the scene at the airport…

Bill McKenzie:  "So Rico finally bought it.  Boy there must be hope for the world yet.  How about you?  Do you want something?  We’ve got chili and garlic bread today. "

Smith:  "No, thank you, I don’t feel very hungry."

Bill McKenzie:  “In broad daylight and at close range huh?  Must have looked like ripe melons.  I’ll never forget the Floyd case.  Got it with an axe during the rush hour.  How about some crème pie."

Callahan:  “I don’t think so Bill.”

I think the scene in the plane is my favorite ;D
"can you fly?" that just makes me laugh everytime- great stuff
 And I liked the shooting competition (even though its probably not called like that :) ) I thought it was fun.

Like I mentioned in some other thread, I got to rewatch this in order to be a little more accurate in my posts, but if my memory is correct, the plane scene is still my favorite in the film 8)

I like the scene just before Harry enters the plane, when he just casually walks away from the vendor, and then stops, and then turns and walks towards the men. Then he just stands there and looks in. I just liked the way he walked in that scene.  ;D It was perfect.


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