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MAGNUM FORCE: Style & Technique 5: The Cinematography

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--- Quote ---I didn't look at it as a sequel. But because my admiration of Don Siegel was enormous at the time--and has since grown even more through the years--though I didn't want to duplicate Dirty Harry, I also wanted to be able to see the two films together and recognize them as coming from the same feeling and the same thought.
--- End quote ---
(Director of Photography Frank Stanley, quoted in Clint Eastwood/Malpaso, by Fuensanta Plaza, p. 60-62)

Do you notice a difference between the cinematography of Frank Stanley in this film and Bruce Surtees' work in Dirty Harry? If so, how are they different? Do you feel Stanley was successful in giving the Magnum Force the same feeling as Dirty Harry? What did you think of the cinematography in Magnum Force on its own merit?

I like the cenematography in Magnum Force. It was a well shot movie.

Though it's been a little while now since I've seen it, I do remember one shot that grabbed my attention: the camera mounted on the motorcycle.

It's been even longer since I've watched Dirty Harry, so no comparison comes to mind.

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The Schofield Kid:
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The Schofield Kid:
I enjoyed the cinematography. There's plenty of shots of the San Francisco Skyline and even some great longshots of the Bridge but the scene I really enjoyed was the scene in the ballistics room. In such a small confined space the camera angles they used were brilliant. From the floor up and the ceiling down were really well done.


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