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MAGNUM FORCE: The Story 6: Harry and Early vs. Harry and Chico

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Chico Gonzalez, a Mexican American, was Harry's partner in the original Dirty Harry movie, and Early Smith, an African American, is Harry's partner in the first sequel, Magnum Force. What similarities do you see between these two partnerships? What differences do you see? Do you think Harry is more receptive to Early as a partner than he was to Chico?

What do you think specifically of the Harry and Early Smith partnership? Do you think it's an interesting or important part of the story? Why or why not?

Harry seems pretty receptive to Early, though we don't see when Early first becomes his partner. However, it does seem that they haven't been partners for very long with the other cops betting in a pool at the beginning.

Harry's partnerships in all the Dirty Harry films are usually very interesting. Harry seems to respect Early a lot and I think that makes the audience really feel something when Early dies.

Yeah, pretty much what Christopher said - we encounter Early early in the flick (har har...), after he had already become Harry's partner. I do like his character, and he and Harry seem to have mutual respect for each other. Perhaps they made Early a black character to balance out Popwell's role as JJ the pimp, in order to not stereotype them as always being the 'bad guys,' as Dirty Harry was accused of doing.

Could you imagine Popwell being his regular partner? I think his face & looks were too intimidating, and they effectively placed him in roles that took advantage of those looks. He made a great bad guy, although he was enjoyable as a good guy in Sudden Impact.

But staying on subject, it is sad when Early dies, makes you wonder why the writers had him killed him off so sudden. But that just re-emphasizes what has been mentioned before, that the "righteous" vigilantes had no problem murdering their own if it served their interests. Early is my second favorite partner (next to Chico), and unfortunately he is taken out of the picture too soon I feel. Personally, I don't think his & Callahan's relationship is an important part of the story, but like I said, Early is a very likable character who risks his life (and ultimately gives it) in upholding the law.

I thought they were good together , there wasn't a conflict at all . The 'Could you tell me the way to San Quentin ?' scene was the closest we got to Early questioning Harry's technique , apart from that he played along. He was the best of Harry's partners and it was sad they killed him off so callously.

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