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How to set up a custom avatar in your profile

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Avatars are those little pictures that most of us have under our user name. HERE is a thread with a few hundred Clint Eastwood avatars from all of his movies. Although most of the avatars are on the first page, check out ALL the pages of the thread because you'll find dozens more in the following pages. If you see a picture in that thread that you'd like to use, here's the steps to set it up in your profile.

First, right click on the picture and in the pop-up box that appears select "Properties". A different pop-up box will appear with the entire URL address listed (if you're using IE, you'll see it next to "Address (URL)", in Netscape/Mozilla it's next to "Location"). Highlight the entire web address with your mouse, making sure to pull the mouse all the way to the end of the file extension, then right click and select "Copy".

Now go into your profile by clicking on the "Profile" link at the top of the message board. You always need to enter your password in your profile before making changes, so do that first. Then look about halfway down your profile page to the section called "Personalized Picture".  Click in the box next to the "I have my own pic" field so that a check mark appears. Then go to the empty field next to the box, right click again and select "Paste". The entire URL address will go into the box.  Then go to the bottom of your Profile page and select "Change Profile". The avatar you chose should now be under your user name. This picture will be used for all your posts, previous and future, until you change it again.

For advanced users:  If you have your own image that you want to use as an avatar, you must first make sure your image is 65x65 pixels. If it's not perfectly square, you'll need to paste it on a transparent 65x65 pixel background or it will show up distorted on the board. Anything larger or smaller than 65x65 will also appear distorted. Then the image needs to be hosted on a site that allows direct linking to message boards. ImageShack is a free image hosting site that will work on this board. As long as the picture you store on ImageShack is loaded once a year they won't delete it. So even if you only post once a year, you shouldn't have any problems if you host your picture on their site. Here's the URL:  http://www.imageshack.us/  (There's directions on the site and in the FAQ if you have any difficulty loading your pictures)

Finally, if there's an image that you really want to use and you don't know how to resize it yourself, you can send me the picture in an e-mail and I'll help you with it.

Hey matt thanks for the imageshack link

I have posted an image on this site for further use as suggested however......it is a bit big for avatar use ....

can u help at all ......you suggested that i may be able to email this image to you ...but i thought it best to ask first before doing so


Hi Slacker,

If you can post the image here, I'll resize it and give you the link. If it's not uploaded on the internet, you can send it to me by e-mail. Either way.  8)

Hey matt many thanks for your help

here is the pic i would like as an avatar


I hope this can be resized (i would luv to know how you actually do this) as i reckon it would make a great avatar


Okay, here's four versions for you. I found a color picture of that shot too, in case you like that better. Decide which one you want, right-click on it, and choose "properties" to get the URL to put in your profile.

As for how these are resized, I use "Paint Shop Pro 7", pulled the pictures up there, and cropped and resized until they were 65x65 pixels.


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