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I've been getting some e-mails from a few members wanting to know why they're "Newbies" again, although they've been with the board for years, and how come I am a "Member Extraordinaire" with five stars.....

I started with 0 posts and at Newbie status just like everyone else.  Moderators have 5 green stars automatically in the sections we moderate.  In the sections we don't moderate, we start with one star just like everyone else.  I got the five yellow stars based on post counts, and I made 600 posts by bringing over two long threads post by post to this board from the old: The Endless Pointless Thread (400 posts right there) and the Favorite Quotes and One Liners thread.

I know no one likes being a Newbie, so I have a solution!  I have almost all the threads saved from the old board.  I would like a couple of them transferred post by post to this board.  Anyone who really doesn't want to be a Newbie can ask me to e-mail them the threads, and you can do the same work I did.  Howd'ya like that idea?  Anyone wanna complain now?  ;)  Anyone want to take me up on the offer? :)

Just lemme know if ya do.  :D

Sure, Matt.  I could do that.  Better than just making bogus posts just to make us look good.  You know my email.  Send me something and any directions I need.  I was fairly quiet but I think I was up to 125 posts on the old board at least -- and I wasn't called a "newbie."  How degrading! :P

And P.S. I think I'd had the site saved as a favorite for at least two years, if not more, before ever venturing to the board and actually registering.

 ;D Thanks, Doug!  You now have three web pages in your inbox.

Some of those discussions were really great, and it's a shame to have lost them.   So I'm sure everyone here will appreciate your efforts. :)

And there's plenty more where those came from, if anyone else wants to do the same...

Thanks Matt for caring about this! I just don't like being called a 'newbie' (partially because I'm not new, partially because I just don't like the term) as I've been on the board for nearly 3 years now. I'm not quite sure what you mean by transferring posts - what do I have to do again? I'm not sure if I should just sit tight and shut up until I get to 51 posts and become a 'full' member. On the other hand, dearest Cal, perhaps you could get rid of the term 'newbie' altogether? It makes me sound like the class nerd or something, or a character out of a Woody Allen film... ;)

P.S. For the record I had over 170 posts at the last count before I had to re-register. But that's just me being pedantic...

couldn't care less what i'm called as long as the board is here!
oh and as long as the janitor doesn't pick on me
i'm not superman!!!! ;)


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