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Wirral Writer:
Who do you all think was the most evil Dirty Harry villain?

For me, it was definitely Scorpio. He was one twisted swine, he was!

I would say Scorpio as well. He's also the best villain of the series.

The Man With No Aim:

Scorpio was the slam dunk baddest villain in a Dirty Harry. A total psycho.

Dont come round me Scorpio.

I got a 44 too. I used it to shoot a snake in my house. Just to watch it die.

A real snake, no euphemisms. A cottonmouth moccasin. A 44 really puts on an impressive show inside a house! My ears rang for 2 days. Or maybe 3. In all the excitement I lost count myself. 


                             Lieutenant Briggs

The Man With No Aim:
Briggs is certainly a contender!

Expertly enacted by a brilliant actor. Briggs was as cold hearted as a snake. 


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