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Author Topic: Who Saw AMERICAN SNIPER? Members' Comments (NO SPOILERS, PLEASE)  (Read 26276 times)
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« Reply #60 on: March 03, 2015, 08:33:27 PM »

Hi!I really liked the movie,after two last disappointments(J.Edgar and Jersey Boys).Artistically ,the movie is great,notably Eastwood's direction which is crisp,tight and dynamic,specially in Iraq scenes.Acting is pretty good too,especially Chris Cooper and Sienna Miller,who push her character in front of the scene.The story is ordinary.Eastwood makes Chris Kyle's point of view his own.The sincerity of Kyle's patriotism is true but naive for me.I'm French,i love my country,i protested when french terrorists killed journalists,who defended Liberty of speech but i'm not sure  i will enlist immediately without deep thought.But i respect Kyle's patriotism,especially when your own soil is attacked.
American sniper is not a political movie.Some people criticized Iraqis resistants description as Blood thirsty killers.True.But it reflects the point of view of the soldiers ,lost in a dangerous country they don't understand.(looks like "Black Hawk down" of Ridley Scott).Eastwood don't like war,he shows all  its crudity and fierceness,without making it attractive (except one scene).He doesn't question about the real motives of Bush government and about Massive destructive weapons hoax.But that's not the subject of the movie ans he already questioned the politic aspects of war in " Flag of our fathers".
Eastwood as a republican,who believed in individuality above all ,described the life of an common american,who becomes an hero.At the expense of his social life.
The only criticisms i levelled are about the too quick recovery of the hero and the patriotic(to say the least :-) ending(Eastwood forced by the studios?).The credits are surprisingly low profile(Maybe the real thoughts of Eastwood about Kyle).
Eastwood is back to business and it's a good news!

Thanks, batfunk2, that's a nice review.

And welcome to the Clint Eastwood Web Board! :)
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« Reply #61 on: March 04, 2015, 05:53:09 AM »

Thanks KC.I't not the first time i came here but I my last e-mail is down si i had to register again :-)
Again,the movie is far from perfect.Controversy about  the movie reminds me  one about "Dirty Harry"movie when Famous critic Pauline Kael accused Eatwood of fascism.Ridiculous.
Same thing about Paul Verhoeven's"Starship Troopers",which is the most antimilitaristic movie ever.
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